06/03 || Super Smash Fight Club || Team Battles from Heck?

Welcome to the reason why I now really look forward to mondays! Sure, a Smash Fight Club sounds like an extremely silly/ stupid name but I don't know, it's always sounded more fun to me than calling it our unofficial community day, plus I feel like the idea of a community day is to be something more.....open? and less regular? Like a monthly-ish Jack Box stream or something.

Either way, this one was particularly fun. Because it was the first monday of the month we ran team battles, discovered by accident that you can change teams, and got schooled in the most fun way possible by some new folks, and some folks I had been missing.

If you’d like to join us for out Weekly Smash Fight Club remember that we go live at 11am -7 GMT every monday morning and always love having more folks join us!

And if you need to pick up Super Smash Ultimate, think about getting it over on the Humble Store to help us out at the same time.

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