06/02 || King of the Caboose || We're Some Regular Murder Hobos

Hot damn I did not realize how much I'd missed playing Hunt with Odinson! Or for that matter how much I feel like my solo play focusing on getting less awful at PvP seems to have actually helped. We spent this entire stream basically blowing up anyone who got even kind of near us. There were a few fights we lost terribly, but for most of the bad fights one of us would get knocked down but deal some serious damage, and the other team mate would finish off our opponents and still have time to get a revive.

Heck, in one game we single handedly, well, as a team, wiped out at least half of the people in a game!

If Hunt: Showdown looks like something you'd enjoy, and I really do recommend this game quite highly, think about picking it up on the Humble Store and using our affiliate link to help us out too.

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