06/25 || Board Games on Locomotives || Underlording it up with Viewers

This stream may have been on my day off but damn was it fun. I just had that itch to play some Underlords and I decided to say screw it and play some Underlords with anyone who wanted to join in. And uh....well it went freaking amazingly!

We had some amazing games with Zu_o, Luna, Sara Jane, Alpehcat, AL_Thiel, Slenderguy, and gothicairman from the chat(I'm super afriad I've forgotten someone but not sure who). We even had some freaking absurd results. I know I had at least one draft where I just got sort of stomped when I couldn't pick up any level 2 units, but it was followed by a great game with some kind of silly strange bedfellows build with knights.

Oh and of course how could I forget Sara Jane freaking WRECKING for like 90% of her first game ever with some kind of warlock based thing that actually made decent use out of Warlock and Ogre MAgi's weird blood bound alliance.

I don't have a referral link for it, because its only on steam, but if you're looking to pick up DOTA Underlords on your PC you can do it here.
Or on mobile just search your local app store for DOTA Underlords

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