05/27 || Super Smash Fight Club || There's Someone in My House! And They Keep Winning

Ha this was a fun stream. It started mostly normal with all our regulars hanging out and just having some good old fashion wholesome brawls, but at some point, I believe after the arena had its required 1 hissy fit for the day we had a spot open up which my buddy who was visiting snuck into. and he then began to beat the tar out of most of the arena.

Not like always winning or even always being in the top two, no he just went ham and left every game with the highest score even if he did lose. It was a wonderful new variable for our battles. Turns out introducing an angry tornado capable off taking most folks in a 1-on-1 battle into a 4 person match has some amusing results.

If you’d like to join us for out Weekly Smash Fight Club remember that we go live at 11am -7 GMT every monday morning and always love having more folks join us!

And if you need to pick up Super Smash Ultimate, think about getting it over on the Humble Store to help us out at the same time.

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