06/14 || King of the Caboose || Spellbreaking for Fun and Profit?

This has been such a freaking week. I just felt like I needed something different to...not get my brain back in gear, but at least shift it out of the dumb gear it had been in. Not sure if it worked, but I do know that I profoundly enjoyed this game. Everytime I play it it makes me go, why am I not playing this on the reg, and then I remember, because it's a BR I want to play this with a team.

Like If I could roll with a squad of my friends I feel like we could do some amazing stuff. We could start to get a better feel for the maps, it seems like the loot boxes have fixed spawns, and we could sort of lay claim to specific play styles and get used to interacting with each others elements.

instead when I play in solo and in PUG Squads i'm just sort of leaning into the chaos, and trying to get better at reading it, you know, learning when I should be doing crazy air stuff or if I should try and stay firmly planted and lands heavy shots with a stone or ice gauntlet.....I just realized how well those two work together....how have I not noticed this before?!

If you think Spellbreak looks cool you can apply to join the closed alpha at the link below.

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