06/10 || King of the Caboose || Fallout 76 Nuclear Winter

Before anything else, Fallout 76 is free to try including Nuclear winter until 06/17 and is on sale as well.

Ok so I have always been at least solid on Fallout 76 since lunch and will defend that it wasn't bad at launch so much as the network was awful. But it's had nothing but positive updates since, and honestly, Nuclear winter is possibly one of my favorite Battle Royales in a while.

The game mode makes it pretty clear that Fallout 76 actually has some damn solid shooting, but is more than willing to be silly. The best comparison I have is to say that it's shooting is a bit like Apex Legends, though you have to use visuals to tell what mods a weapon has, and it's just a tiny bit sillier than Apex, less mobile but I think it's a fun trade off.

I also really like the way perk cards come into play, everyone gets some basic ones to start with but then you unlock partially randomized ones from playing so you can get some minor specialization.

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