05/03 || Indie Stop || Mechanicus and Pandemic Express

This was an absolutely amazing stream! It started a bit slow, but mechanicus streams often seem to start that way, but once it kicked off it had zero chill. In Mechanicus we managed to unlock a bunch of new tech, some entirely by accident, plus I think we increased our drop ship's carrying capacity and our CP limit. Oh yeah and we killed a Tomb Lord who'd been infected by the flayed one virus, honestly that was one of the best boss hunts in the game so far because we couldn't just brute force bring them down in a single round.

But after we also unlocked one of our missing trooper classes we also took some time to play an entirely new game, one that had come out the day before, Pandemic Express. It's sort of a combination of Left4Dead, a Battle Royale, and the Zombies game mode. Super high energy and a ton of fun, I'm honestly really happy and surprised the game is this high quality given that it launched in Early Access the Day before This stream.

If you'd like to pick up Mechanicus you can find it over on Humble, plus it's on sale for the next 20 some hours.

Pandemic Express isn't on Humble, but it is on steam. It's on sale until May 13th and if you buy it before May 6th you'll get a second copy to share.

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