05/01 || Indie Stop || Forager || The Cutest Strip Mining

So this is another one of those games I got sent by the dev and honestly, at first, I didn't think it was going to be for me. Its super cute, which is definitely the easiest way to sell me on a game, but I've sort of fallen off with minecraft style games. but I watched someone else play its and something just sort of clicked.

This game is great! Like it really is sort of an Idle game but with more...not idle stuff I guess? Like there is never a time where you're punished for playing but it often feels like once your automation starts you should sort of let it run on its own. I think part of that is that I haven't moved into magic at all and magic feels less automatable.

If Forager has caught your fancy think about picking it up over at Humble and use out affiliate link to help us out at the same time.


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