05/09 || Card Games on Locomotives || Mtg Arena || More Drafts than Expected

Oopha, I really should write down notes about these things incase I end up weirdly behind on VoD's again, yes Stark, when you read this I know you've told me exactly this. Oh one thing I do remember, I believe this is the last VoD of Magic where game audio will be...well audible. I've decided to make these a song request stream, so I have the recordings set up so that only my voice audio is recorded, sadly I can't keep the game audio and the music audio in separate tracks or beleive me I would.

I certainly spent a large portion of this description not talking about the video haven't I? Well we drafted War of the Spark, not much more to say. I think the first draft was the best with a sort of abzan proliferate thing and the subsequent drafts were generally less good but still quite fun.

If you're looking to get into MTG Arena, and honestly with War of the Spark I'd actually recommend it, you can sign up for the open beta at https://magic.wizards.com/en/mtgarena

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