05/20 || Super Smash Fight Club || Special Rules, Rule!

I do so love this stream. This one was a bit shorter than usual because many of our regulars had to duck out, and because I needed to start what turned into a multi-day complete cleaning of my entire house before guests arrive.

But we did get to play around with some of our dumber rules, including the explosive hell rules set and a new one I made after a suggestion from King of Tuesday Night, Sporing Ball, a mode with home run bats, beast balls and soccer balls, and making it a score based battle to encourage more aggression.

If you would like to join us for these Super Smash Fight clubs we run them live every Monday at -7 GMT at twitch.tv/lairoflore and all are welcome to the arena.

And if you need to pick up Smash Bros Ultimate consider doing it over on Humble and using our Affiliate link to help us out at the same time.

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