04/15 || New Game Train || Sekiro || Well that Ended Quickly

So maybe ending quickly isn't completely accurate. See at the end of the last stream we'd made it to the point where Sword Saint Isshin was the final enemy blocking the path to completion, and if I'm honest, I expected him and the odd little Genichiro fight that precedes him to take, well more than the 13 minutes it actually ended up taking. So we hit the end of the game, saw the "good ending" or I guess more accurately the "Return Ending" and the set up for a sequel or DLC, and honestly I'm still mulling over if I want to stream trying to take on the bosses I missed.

Specifically I missed the second memory of the Hirata Estate and I didn't get to see the two bosses who are unique to the Shura Ending, because really who goes, yes, I'll side with my abusive dad to abuse the power of my own child surrogate and complete the circle of shittiness?

Either way, the game was great and while I don't think it will have the kind of replayability that the Souls games have with alternate weapon and spell choices creating new potential interactions, I think it's still a great game I'll come back to a time or two just to experience it again, and maybe to stream once more folks have finished it, because I do think it's one of the most beautiful games From Software has ever made.

If Sekiro is your kind of game and somehow you haven't picked it up yet and aren't waiting for a sale maybe think about getting it over on Humble and use our affiliate link to help us out too.


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