04/04 || Indie Stop || Iconoclasts || Optional and End Bosses

I'm still regretting splitting these up to some extent, but OH MY GOD THIS WAS FUN! Like both of the optional bosses in this stream are probably some of my favorites in the entire game. Some of the bosses in this game felt like they were just kind of puzzle fights, some better than others. A few fights felt kind of like Metal Slug bosses, I'm looking at you helicopter, and those were mostly solid. And then, there were some boss fights that felt like they learned the wrong things from Dark Souls and Hollow Knight bosses, *Cough* Mother'sentirebodybeingahitboxandflyingaroundthescreenwithnoiframes *Cough*

But then we get to fights like the Corners, seriously I can't believe I didn't get that until several hours after the stream, and Fitzroy.

These two are probably the best boss designs in this game. And you know what, I have too many thoughts about these fights to put them here, so expect sometime this week to see a blog post or something that is a write up on the boss mechanics because I loved both of them.

We did also manage to finish the game, but the final boss fight is....weird? and has story implications I'd rather not spoil. And even once the boss was down I had a big discussion with Twitch chat about the game and the characters. And while no two people completely agree on a lot of stuff from this, I still enjoy that we could have the discussion.

If you want to try out Iconoclasts for yourself consider getting it on Humble and using our affiliate link to tell them we sent you.


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