04/04 || Card Games on Locomotives || No Really We Ascend this Time

1. Why did I decide to break these damn things up?! Now I need to write 3 descriptions and try and be at least kind of entertaining in them AH!

But 2. I did manage to finish three games in one stream, so I guess that's super good. In this portion I slammed my head repeatedly against the Enlightenment Victory, which, goodness it turned into a grind. Like I didn't realize just how close and yet so far away I was from the ascension. Like this stream section basically boiled down to eating exactly enough of my own followers to only drop one rank at a time while racing timers to try and create a powerful Lantern Influence card so I could finish the ascension. In retrospect, I really should have just stopped trying to explore and focused on our dumb Hint breeding program and this whole thing could have been done in like a third the time.

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