04/03 || Indie Stop || Iconoclasts || City One

Butts, this was a long stream for such a cute game. Like given that I've at time of writing like just finished it and my total playtime is something shy of 19 hours and that's including a bunch of off stream item hunting I did. So like this stream accounts for something like 28ish% of my total playtime of this game....that's weird to think about honestly.

This was such a weird stream because I spent like, the majority of it moving through new or perplexing areas, mostly One Concern areas and City 1. Like we had a grindy not super fun fight with Mother, and amazing fight with Agent Black that I feel was let down by its lack of checkpointing. But then we also got my new favorite gun and learned about the freaking jankiest puzzles in that game, uhg, like the crate stacking one that was just a freaking slog.

But really, over all this stream was awesome, though, damn did the game get freaking dark as we closed on the end, and I still think Elro is an ass who wanted to trade his stupid desire to die in his own home for a chance to maybe save everyone.

I highly recommend Iconoclasts and if you think it looks like a game for you, maybe think about getting it on the Humble store and use our affiliate link to help us out too.


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