04/01 || Super Smash Bros Fight Club || Big Sword Bois and Round Bois

Ohhh I knew this stream involved me testing some stuff, for some reason my faulty memory made me think that this was the first stream where I used the new overlay, but nah I started that a few days ago. I guess this was sort of the stream where I played around with the new stream deck a bit.

This stream also had a bigger focus than usual on fighter selection, so like the first several matches were our trademark random, but eventually I switched over to my continuing policy of playing large bois with large swords, and we discovered that whether intentional or not, Damashu mains only round bois. Oh and Pacman has seems and they're terrifying.

If you want to battle with us we play Smash Bros with viewers every monday at 11am MT or -7GMT so please come join us!

And if you don't have Super Smash Bros Ultimate but want it please think about getting it on Humble with our affiliate link to help us out.

*Reminder that at time of writing the Humble Store only works for switch games in the US


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