04/01 || New Game Train || Sekiro || We Boss Hunting Now

Like damn it, this entire stream was boss hunting. We took out the remaining Snake Eye, the other Centipede, because of course there are 2. We also fought the big armored boi with no real name but still a mini boss.

We also.....fought? The Panel Monkeys......fight feels like a weird word to describe as a fight, its was just sort of a thing? That was more of just sort of a puzzle thing with occasional stabbings?

Oh right and we burned everything in Mibu Villiage to the ground, both freaking bosses just broke my brain a bit for some reason? Like O'Rin screwed me up for a bit because I didn't realize she was turning intangible so I felt like random attacks just weren't landing, well because they weren't. Once I figured that out it clicked.

Same with the Corrupted Monk, for some reason I got it in my head it was a Vitality over posture fight like lady butterfly. Maybe because the Monk was more relaxed than the other posture bosses, but once I realized it was a fight like centipede, it just worked.

Shoot right this stream also went super long because I got a massive Raid from Joekim, somehow I forgot that was this stream.

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