04/14 || King of the Caboose || Hunt Showdown || We are Murderers!

Like seriously, we were some regular ass murder hobos this stream! Like we had some middling runs for a bit, like twice we managed to escape with single tokens more than once and get our heads' blown off by other players we kind of sort of thought we were prepared for.

But then, at least twice we got into straight up fights with people who were somehow worse shots than us! One was a night hunt on the OG map where we had the dumbest of fights, it was basically Odinson and I popping up out of corners to take pot shots at the other team in cover, then ducking back into cover, then they'd do the same and we'd repeat. It was quite stupid, but eventually we did win!

And the Second one I remember was on the new map in either daylight or fog, not sure which, where Odinson and I both acted as bait for a team while the other took them out single handedly. At least that's how I'm going to spin it because that's how it turned out.

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