04/10 || New Game Train || Sekiro || Everything but the End

Seriously, this game continues to be better than it had any real right to be. Large portions of this stream were mostly just us running through the Fountainhead Palace beating up the sort of ancestors of the Okami Clan? Or maybe just the main branch of the family? Either way, we managed to find basically everything in that madhouse, including the damn giant carp, that was sort of a whole thing.

I really wish I hadn't been spoiled on the mechanics of the Divine Dragon fight, he's a pretty classic "Puzzle" boss ala Yhorm from DS3 but I feel like he's a better fight and less built around a unique mechanic. I unfortunately I got spoiled on the mechanic, sort of the same as the Folding Screen Monkeys, but I think this is a greater loss and will still be a fun fight on later playthroughs.

Then we dealt with the Demon of Hatred. Uhg, we started this fight around 2:47:30 and I don't hate it but i don't feel like it was a good fight for this game, it feels like and amazing late game Dark Souls fight, but this game doesn't give us the control over damage output the DS gives players, either through weapon choice, weapon scaling, stat buffs, he're we're stuck with a single weapon that just nips at his heels for 3 health bars.

For Context, I didn't kill him until 5:13:00 it took two and a half hours, admittedly with some fucking about in between, but the only other boss in any game that took me that long was freaking Midir in DS3.

But I continue to love this game and if you think it looks sweet, please consider getting it with our Humble Affiliate link to help us out.


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