04/08 || New Game Train || Sekiro || I Need to Stop Streaming So Long!

Good lord I streamed way too long on the 8th. So the focus here was almost entirely on boss clearling, then again I swae that is the focus half the time with these streams since I do a bunch of the exploration and such off stream so I can play more Sekiro.

Most of this was hunting down things like Headless and the Shichimen Warriors. We also had to fight our way through Owl , which was not my favorite fight, honestly found it to be a slog because some of his mechanics simply didn't seem to have a solid counter.

But once we did manage to get through Owl it was onto the Fountainhead palace and the freaking True Monk Fight, and DAMN IT THAT WAS AWESOME! Since this stream I figured out why I was having some weird video issues with Sekiro, and I want more than anything to come back and do that fight more now that the video will be perfect and buttery smooth.

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