03/21 || Card Games on Locomotives || Cultist Simulator || The Temptation of Enlightenment

Uhf this stream was so much fun between the hosts and new and returning folks and the raids, but grrrrr it just got sort of ruined in my memory because of the weird bitrate issue at the end.

But as for what actually happened, uhhh we started our cult, yes seriously in the first episode of a stream I started the cult, we got a whole bunch of lore early so that was nice. Honestly, it was just a nice and simple start, like nothing astonishing really happened so most of what I remember are bits and pieces from the discussions with chat.

Like we talked about defining characteristics of monotheisms versus polytheisms, and the way that not deific fiction has begun the work of replacing even those. We talked about different reads on Dr. Frankenstein and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and the minds shadow of Jungian aproach psychology.....wait seriously what the fuck was this stream? I kind of feel bad I didn't include the chat in the video.

(Don't worry there were also some not off the wall topics like a bunch of games getting remade and me not being as hype as everyone else about Outer Worlds)

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