03/08 || Builder Express || Satisfactory || Damn it, Definitely Going to be Buying This

Oh my gosh, this freaking game. Ok, so this game has been in Alpha for a while, but the day before this stream Coffee Stain, the Dev's announced it would be releasing on Early Access on March 19th. At the same time they also announced that everyone who'd signed up for the alpha would be getting keys for this weekend. And of course the important part, they lifted the NDA so it could be streamed and recorded, and holy butts this game is fun.

The conceit of the game seems to be, minecraft but what if it was pretty and you could automated EVERYTHING. And oh my goodness I freaking love the automation, sure I spent most of the game feeling like the conveyor belts were outsmarting me, in my defense the Conveyor splitters and mergers being a later tech was unexpected, but still, this game is fucking grand. Honestly I'm a bit annoyed I like it as much as I do because it will be actively playable about the same time as Sekiro and I can't have two great games eating up my limited free time, curses!

Just a warning that the game is not out yet, but the game comes out in Early Access on March 19th, and it can be purchased right here https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/satisfactory/home

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