02/09 || Ladies of Lore || Sea of Thieves || Lightning Wouldn't Hit Us!

These were some odddddd streams. Mostly because they were next to each other like one day after the other so everything that happened has all blended together in my brain in an extremely unhelpful manner. But I'm also like 90% sure that most of us spent this entire stream trying to die in new and unique ways. Mostly because we found out more about how the Commendations and such work and we started trying to do some of the ones about dying in specific ways and lighting fires and such.

But we did a fair amount of sailing, god damn this game is way prettier than it has any right to be and every time we come back to it more things have been added. We just feel so weird streaming it. Like it's fun but something about be "on" always makes it feel like a less good stream and a less good game with friends.

Oh Right, this is also the stream where we spent like 20 freaking minutes trying to fight one Megalodon that just kept leaving when it looked like we were going to win!

Remember if Sea of Thieves looks sweet to you you can get it here with our Amazon Affiliate link. The digital version can be played on both Windows 10 and Xbox One, while the physical edition appears to be Xbone only. Oh and the game had a recent price drop.

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Physical: https://amzn.to/2C4Gxs3

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