02/25 || Super Smash Fight Club || I Didn't Lose My Voice!

As it turns out I might be one of the worse players in this arena? haha Like it's still stupid fun, but once some of our better players join up I can only ever manage to stay in for a round or two max before someone knocks me out. I think I spent more time actually playing this week, mostly because the arena only crashed like 5 times instead of 20, but still this stream is so damn fun and one of my favorites.

But I have been talking with folks and too keep this fresh I think I will be instituting some different rule sets so certain weeks we'll have different situations to contend with. I need to find out how teams works to see if they can be randomized, but we've also talked about explosive fights and blunt weapons and such. But if anyone has other fight ideas I'd love to hear them!

So remember, if you have Super Smash Bros Ultimate and want to join in we run the fight club every monday at 11 am -7 Gmt over on twitch and all are welcome!

We played Super Smash Bros. Ultimate which can be bought on Humble Bundle here! We will receive a portion of the proceeds if you use this link.


*Warning that Switch and 3DS games on humble are currently only available in the US

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