02/21 || Card Games on Locomotives || A Dancing Cult

Oh my goodness this game is fun and all consuming. before I cut out the breaks and such this stream was almost eight freaking hours! And the dumbest part? We didn't even found the cult until like hour four because I was focused on setting our character up to be in the best possible situation once the cult was founded. Like we had maxed out two of three stats before founding the cult and had already turned down a marriage proposal, it was quite silly.

But with all the early work already done we were able to kick the cult into high gear once it was founded, we had most members maxed out early and were even able to summon a Percussigant (still can't say the name) before the first expedition, and a hint after the expedition finished! I do still feel like the PErcussigant was a good sign for us since it refuses to stop dancing and we're going for the dancer DLC ascension since I never actually completed that.

Hey if you like this game and want to play it yourself then maybe consider purchasing it with our Humble partner link so we and Take This will get a small portion of the proceeds.


Or alternatively if you're seeing this before the end of February you can get Cutlist Simulator, Earth Defense Force and Vermintide 2 as well as some mystery games for $12 as part of humble monthly.


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