02/11 || Super Smash Fight Club || Waluigi is Already in Smash

As Always, these descriptions are a pain in the ass to write because I remember absolutely nothing about this besides that I apparently yelled so much I threw my voice and I got into a big fit about Waluigi being in smash and probably going to piss off some RWBY fans in there too. Summation, I'm sick of the Waluigi joke and I feel like it's just a meme that I personally don't care for. Everyone who enjoys it, please keep doing that, just please stop doing it at me.

It reminds me of the "everytime someone asks me about the pc FoV slider we take a degree off of it" thing. At this point not making him a fighter is just a fun in-joke for Nintendo and Namco.

So remember, if you have Super Smash Bros Ultimate and want to join in we run the fight club every monday at 11 am -7 Gmt over on twitch and all are welcome!

We played Super Smash Bros. Ultimate which can be bought on Humble Bundle here! We will receive a portion of the proceeds if you use this link.


*Warning that Switch and 3DS games on humble are currently only available in the US

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