Schedule Reworks

I've been working on this theoretical schedule for a while, though it did get sort of delayed by significant difficulties that happened at the end of April and beginning of May but now that everything's kind of mostly back on track I've gone back to work trying to set our schedule more specifically.

Essentially I'm setting up two sort of days. Double stream days where end times and the game played will be much tighter. Take mondays, I'll be getting up relatively early to get stuff done around the house, recording the podcast with miriam and then going like on stream about 10 am with Relaxation Station. In theory the Relaxation Station will focus solely on one game until we finish it, so for right now, the Minish Cap. That stream will run until 1 pm. I'll take a break to walk around and continue any chores I have, meanwhile One of the Mixed Signals we have pre recorded will start on twitch to kill time until 2 pm when the Pokemon Stream will return.

The other type of day are days like Wednesdays. I'll still be starting a bit earlier and playing the Indie Stop, so some kind of indie game that I want to give some love to or that I'm just digging lately. That stream will not have a scheduled end point, it will end when I feel like it should. The Earlier start time will then leave me more opportunity to get the videos edited and rendered for youtube and patrons, and assuming there are no issues I'll also be able to run bonus streams later that day if nothing else is happening.

I'm not Announcing the full schedule today because there are still aspects I'm going over with other people who will be joining me for some streams and other people who will be affected by the changes. I can say that the preemptive schedule still includes D&D, two weekly pokemon streams, as well as two new shows and one show that is making a return, with a different name. Assuming it all works as I have it laid out now I think everyone should come away happy.