April 05 Heart Gold Nuzlocke #5 Grinding, Beating up a Cow, More Grinding

This was another weird Stream. I started out playing Hearthstone and just kept getting more angry with it and once I finally decided, nope, I'm done with this quest, I see no reason to keep playing. 

And so here we are with more unscheduled pokemon. I've got to be honest, I'm having Way too much fun with pokemon streams. In all seriousness, it really might be a problem. See, now that we're effectively caught up on vods I should be using the time I keep putting into these long pokemon Streams into getting the podcast up and getting the show notes written, and getting all of our extra bits up with descriptions. And getting more of the Hailey Patreon Campaigns up, and working on other new stuff to extend the channel. But instead I'm doing more big and silly pokemon Streams.

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