March 07, 08, and 09 Streams Northgard, Just Cause 3, Astroneer, and Monster Hunter World


WAY back near the beginning of our 365 day streaming challenge I played a little early access game called Northgard. Well on March 07 That game left early access to full release and I got a chance to play it more. This was also the first time I tried out any of the story campaign, the lat time I played it was all skirmishes and nothing else.


You know what can cheer me up any day? Flying through the air as the flying squirrel blowing up every red colored DRM build I see for miles and miles. Yeah, that will make any day buckets better.


I had an awful awful day leading up to this stream so I hoped that I could play a nice relaxing peaceful space survival game. Unfortunately I was not aware of Astroneer's frankly kind of insane ui system and weirdly janky controls that left me trying to use a mouse and a controller for different actions.


Well, I managed to beat my first Xeno'jiva and got just enough materials to make my cat some armor, not so much for me. So Time to build up my gear again, at this point we're sort of kind of done with the story but there are still tons more fights and we are starting to see tempered monsters; creatures that for some reason are much more powerful.