March 01, 02, 03, and 06 Monster Hunter World and Killing Floor 2


I was home sick the last two days before my final day at my job and was going....well completely god damn stir crazy to be honest. So I decided to fire up a stream and play Monster hunter World  for almost 3 hours. I've cleared up through beating up Zorah Magdaros at this point and I'm trying to build up some gear because I kind of charged through the story without gearing up.


Yup, Still sick on the penultimate day at my old job so I again decided to stream for about 4 hours mostly to not think about how shitty I felt, between feeling guilty for calling out sick and actually feeling sick to my stomach all the time.


We don't get to play this game as much as I think a lot of us wish we could. For no particular reason I can remember Bill, chewie, Steph and I all decided some killing floor sounded like a great way to kill some times. and you know, some zeds.


I may have a problem with playing way too much Monster Hunter World. Again I managed to stream for freaking 4 hours, mostly just trying to get more gear and experience fighting the big new elder dragons. For some reason I did the first chunk wearing the Aloy skin armor, which isn't bad but I probably should have replaced it sooner than I did.