March 30th and 31st Pokemon Stadium, Pokemon Stadium 2, Killing Floor 2 and Sea of Thieves


Yup, the pokemon Kick returns with Pokemon stadium. Of course without imported pokemon we have to use nothing but rentals who are....not bad so much as weird? See they all know a pretty decent moveset, save for the poor guys who have to deal with having growl or leer, but they have this weird balance mechanics.

It looks like less evolved pokemon in general have stronger moves, I guess to make up for having lower stats? mena while fully evolved pokemon have just kind of crap moves I guess because their stats are just way higher. either way it makes this a bit of a hassle as we try to fight our way up gym leader castle.


Of course after Lt. Surge and his insanely weird and awful surfing Raichu beat the shit out of me a few too many times I decided to do the smart thing and just play some Pokemon Stadium 2, because what can't be improved by better graphics and 100 new pokemon, though still no mey mewtwo, or either of the new legendary birds, so that weird? I mean they are on the cover of the game. but oh well, lets smash some second gen gym leaders.


Killing Floor 2 just had a pretty big update about two days before this so we are jumping in to see how much mayhem we can unleash. We have a nearly full squad with Hailey, Steph,Cap, Bill/Squee, and Chewie.

So we tried out some new weapons and took on endless mode, it went about as well as can be hoped.


Ha, we managed to wrangle not only a Hailey again, but a Miriam. 

Steph and Cap may still be the most experienced with Sea of Thieves but they'll both take any help they can get to ride a magnificent galleon across the waves towards great treasure. You know, until someone leaves and we get a damn rando.