February 24, 25, and 26 Orc you Kidding Me, Don't Starve Together, and Monster Hunter World


This is episode 4 of Hailey's once a month campaign, Orc you Kidding me. Steph, Miriam, and myself are players in this campaign as we run through some of the sort of random dungeons from Tales of the Yawning Portal. We have not successfully finished one yet, but maybe one day, I believe this is Sunless Citadel? But I don't actually know for sure.

What I do know for sure is that there are orcs, we're looking for dwarf weapons and I get to set damn  near everything on fire on a semi regular basis. (updated later I think we might be in the Forge of Fury?)


Hailey and I are back with more Don't Starve Together. This may have been one of our more successful runs? We had fewer issues in general, though I did die a few very painful times because turns out, rain makes things slippery and for some reason the robot has an issue with staying sane, who'd have guessed?


This is shortly after my first fight with the sort of weird low level Kirin and after a few good scraps with the Legiana so my armor looks a bit like a combination of a power ranger and a porno cowboy but damn me if it doesn't work. Anyway we are mostly out hunting things in the the desert, mostly Diablos if memory serves.