Pokemon Nuzlocke #10, 11, and 12

HA We're finally all caught up on the Yellow Nuzlocke! Just in time to probably get murdered by the elite four on monday, or maybe sunday if I can finish up the insane grinding required to recover from epsiode 11.


Haha, with the fighting gym and the rockets cleared out we can finally take on Sabrina and claim our 6th badge. And it mostly worked! So now we go off to destroy the fiend that is Blaine right? Time to be anti Fire.


This was going, so freaking well for a while. We managed to level up and even evolve OOPS? He was a powerhouse, in fact he was basically able to take down Blaine's entire fire gym by himself. Of course with Blaine down we needed to head back to Viridian City and take on the final gym.

At this point things went....downhill.


Ok, this is nowhere near as bad as the last episode, we had some issues and some REALLY close calls, but nothing went too far off the rails. Our new team is still pretty low level but we were able to mostly use Sleepyhead, Nessie, and especially Thorson to carry us through Victory Road.

And of course, we picked up a final last ditched part member.