Pokemon Nuzlocke #7, 8, and 9

And we have more of the pokemon Nuzlocke we are almost caught back up, and in fact tomorrow will include the final three episodes.


This WAS SO FREAKING LUCKY. We somehow managed to beat the snot out of koga without ever losing a single party member. This is even more impressive when you remember that his pokemon are like 10 levels higher than mine! Any way, yeah we made it to the safari zone and such this episode.


Sylph, freaking sylph tower. In today's attempt to not just all die we are dealing with the mountain of Team Rocket Grunts trying to take over Sylph Tower.


So, We only Partially Cleared the damn sylph building yesterday so we need to finish cleaning out the Rockets. Of course once we deal with the rockets we still need to deal with the the sad unregistered gym, the Fighting Gym. So hey free pokemon?