March 24 Hailey Plays Cook, Serve, Delicious, and Slime Rancher, and We all Play Sea of Thieves


Uh, so to be clear, Cap writes these descriptions. And I have absolutely no freaking idea how this game works, or why Hailey loves it, or what she's even doing. So I guess she's trying to play a game of cooking for needy andry crazy people?


So Slime Rancher got an update a few days ago so Once hailey decided she was done with Cook, Serve, Delicious, she decided to play some silly slime ranching goodness. Plus hey now you can see the rancher! Whose name has entirely escaped my brain.


It took us a while but we did eventually manage to get Hailey to play Sea of Thieves. So for about 2 hours we managed to get a fully crewed Galleon. Well for while, eventually Hailey realized that she hadn't moved the FOV Slider so it was making her a bit sick, but after that we had a great few hours.