February 21 Dauntless, Monster Hunter World, and Stellaris Apocalypse


So This is the day where I was going to be playing Monster Hunter World, however I should not have trusted the Playstation download service, because turned out the game just didn't download at all. So here we are with some Dauntless.


Basic Idea, apparently I really like Monster Hunter World. I played this damn game for..... basically 8 hours and then I went and kept playing it for weeks later on and off stream. Yeah I might have problems.


Look, I played this game for 8 hours, I'm not sure what else I can do as a description that I didn't say with part 1, except hey, while looking up monster spellings for this video tags I found out a new Monster got added to the game like 5 days ago and the community refers to it as the pickle, so I guess I need to play more of that again too.


This was a bit silly. I was mostly looking to try out the new apocalypse expansion material, which is of course almost all end game/mid game stuff. I did not realize however that the 2.0 update was going to change damn near everything so I spent most of this stream trying to get my head around the new systems.