February 11, 12, and 13 Streams: Cities Skylines, Oxygen not Included, and Goblins of Elderstone


I have no idea what possessed me to start playing this game again but the bug caught me for quite a while. In this first episode we start to set up the very beginnings of our slowly booming metropolis, complete with green energy, safe residences, and only a small chance of polluted water.


Uh this city got insane in 1 day. We had a brief spell of polluting our own water supply, but not we're mostly better. Of course I also spent like the first half hour trying to figure out how to make more efficient roads. It went, well about as well as you'd  expect.



It has been a while since I played this game, it's been quite a while and I was never particularly good at the game either. But hey let's see if I can manage to play this game without killing all my dupes immediately, or slowly starving them to death. My dream is to die because of poor sanitation and a flesh eating bacteria or something.



Uh not sure if I like this game or not. in theory it sounds right up my alley, city management with seasonal survival, but something about the controls and the UI just put me off so quick. And then you throw in the combat and the lack of direct control over many aspects of the goblin tribe. There were just too many instances where my goblins went out of their way to go into a dangerous area for a resource we had at our base.