February 07,08, and 09 Stream Vods, Subnautica, Civ 6 and Overwatch


YES! we finally did it. Off screen I went to go find all the fragments for the alien containment cell and it took awhile, but we got it. I mean I did other stuff but mostly I constructed a five story tall alien containment.


Ah glorious Civ 6, sometimes I forget how annoying it can be. I love this game and as you can see in the video, Rise and Fall adds a ton of helpful changes, but there still isn't a real way to play diplomatically. Like to avoid being thought of as warmongers you need to kill anyone who has ever met you while at war, or just accept the first peace that is offered every war.


As is our tradition now, once an overwatch goes Live we must collect Chewie's dorks and go play the new event. And as always chewie has better luck than most of us, but he also has a much higher chance of getting the new items than the rest of us, save for maybe bill?