11/06 || Red Dead Redemption || Wel..... That Got Dark

Buh this got....Dark? So let's face it, the old west is a poor period to set stuff in because today we can admit that it was a period of American Imperialist expansion built around the ideas of manifest destiny and as the west began to "civilize"the period became fraught with horrible people on all sides very committed to settling the west with their particular ideals.

But, this leaves us with a period where more than anything stories have to be about the people in them. And through this stream we're basically watching as these characters with fractured morals, but characters we've grown to enjoy begin to really show how much Dutch's gang is 1. a real family 2. basically a cult of personality, and 3. in a modern setting the gang would 100% be a terrifying cult, probably of the doomsday variety.

Some things happen that in the moment, make damn perfect sense, but as soon as you step back it becomes clear the whole gang crossed some lines that can not be uncrossed.

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