Oops may have Forgoten a few days of Videos

We are back again with more of the Ladies of Lore and the Dragon Souled Campaign. Last time our adventurers received their mission, but now its time to put a plan into action, and nearly be killed. The first objective they figured out is the need to take out the warlord's supporters in the Goblin and Bug Bear camps, and since only the goblins are here they're our heroes' first target. Hopefully they can survive their first fight with an angry nameless former goblin god.

And here we are with Mass Effect Mondays on a sunday for the sake of confusing everyone involved. Today's epsiode was dedicated almost enitrely to just picking up all the random quests we could from the citadel, more open up after most story missions, and to finish out a significant portion of the ones we already started. We mostly even succeeded.


Time for a new bonus stream with Hailey and some Tales of Zestiria, she's apparently pretty determined to finish this damn game. Having acquired a squire, Sorey and company head off to a waterfall to find some kind of maguffiny holy water to purge the malevolence from lady lake.