Oh lord, Almost a week of streams

Yeah I fell behind on our stream VoDs because i Was kind of sick and dying, but I'm better and now its time to post ALL OF THE STREAMS! and guess what, SIX of them are Jamborees because Hailey just took her stream and ran with it while I died.

Hailey is back with More Tales of Zestiria. and Sorey continuing to be, well kind of an idiot. We mange to find the preist Hailey's been hunting for two episodes, of course then the trouble comes in finding the water seraph to become the lord of the land. And after returning to the seraph village Hailey discovered that the seraph she was looking for is down by a river. There was also a dragon, and a new seraph, again lots of stuff happens this epsiode.

In this episode of JRPG Jamboree we travel to the city of Marlind, that has been plagued and we are sent to help cure the plague which happens to be caused by...Hellions. During our adventures we happen upon Attak who brings in a whole new part of the story...Normins.  

In this episode of JRPG Jamboree we combine 2 streams into 1. We continue where we left off in the city of Marlind where we are continuing to work to cure the plague that has tarnished the name of Marlind. There are more Hellions to quell and more fights we almost lose. We move from Marlind to a war with the Rolance Empire where Sorey is forced into service for the Hyland Army. As we meet the Lord of Calmity in the battle field our friently assassin's guild the Scattered Bones reappears. We join up as their leader saves Sorey and we become fast friends as we traverse the ruins that are being used as a secret hideout for the Bones. 

We are once again back with JRPG Jamboree and we begin by finishing up exploring the ruins in which the Scattered Bones are hiding out. From the ruins we travel into the Rolance Empire where we discover there is more going on than meets the eye in this brand new place. We also meet the infamous Cardinal who is just as unhappy as she looks. 

Back in the Rolance Empire we are here to solve a mystery did the pope run or was he foreced to vanish? We travel through the medows and the caverns into a very tiny mountian village where we find the first trial, the fire trial!

We are back with another Episode of JRPG Jamboree, we continue with our trial in the Fire Shrine. After the fire shrine we have returned to the Rolance Empire capital where we must confront the ever famous Cardinal who happens to be an unpurifiable hellion. After we leave the capital our over arching quest continues to find and complete all of the trials of the Shepard. 

Another day of JRPG Jamboree and we have discovered the earth trail! We travel the trial in search of a scardy bull who we must quell. Once the earth trail is over its back to the land of Hyland through the most backwards path ever and I underestimate a Bat. After we are back and see Alisha and move on to discover the water trail and it is the most annoying thing. However we manage to pass it and make a shocking discovery.