So we are now Streaming Everyday and all of the Recordings are now Live

Pardon me While I crack every joint possible.......Ah ok now that we're done with that Here are A TON OF YOUTUBE VIDEOS. We have started a 365 day streaming challenge, this blog post is coming out on day 11 if you're curious. You can find a full Schedule of what we are streaming and when, not including any bonus or just for fun streams we run just because we feel like it, Right on this site.

As for the mountain of youtube videos bellow, well these are the recording from said streams, though we will be trying to do some off stream videos as well don't worry. The basic plan going forward is that we'll do our streams, edit the recordings together that night, render them over night, upload them the next morning, and put them on patreon for patrons mid to late day, and put the previous day's patron videos public and here. So day 11's stream will be available to patrons on day 12 and the public on day 13. With that, Welcome to the jungle of roughly ten days of streams we put on youtube in the past three-ish days.

First up we Have Sunday Night Blood Bowl, this show has already been sort of canceled because, well we need to finish 3 Mass Effect games before March 21st so yeah. But We will be trying to pick it back up when possible.

Speaking of Mass Effect, we are playing Mass Effect "Mondays" next, with the second episode going live tomorrow for the public, where a Thresher Maw cheats and kills me twice.

Then, every Tuesday and Thursday, and any other time she decides to run one, Hailey has her JRPG Jamboree where she is currently playing through Final Fantasy XV and Tale of Zestiria

On Wednesdays we are recording the Lair of Lore podcast live for all to see hear, laugh at and comment on during recording, the audio and videos will be live around the same time in the same places.

And thne our last fully scheduled stream, is the Ladies of Lore: Dragon Souled Campaign. Where Miriam, Hailey, and Stephanie are playing a Dungeons and Dragons Campaign every Friday.

But of Course that Still leaves Saturday? Well Saturday is going to be largely populated by bonus streams, times to put more work into games that we need more time on, cooking shows, we have already done one of those, and more, like this week when Chewie from The Mana Pool and I did a dual stream of the boss battle Tavern Brawl.

So again please come check out our streams, podcast, and the youtube series we are trying to work out as well once they're more fleshed out. We love you all and thank you for dealing with what should be the last info and video dump.