How to Hide a Body Pt. 9


Pigs are the most efficient way to dispose of the remains of a corpse. As pigs are omnivores, they are more than happy to eat the remains of other creatures, as well as a diet of grains and vegetables. There is an interesting advantage any would-be murderer would have in feeding the remains of victims to pigs; they can digest bone.

If you gave a corpse to a group of pigs, after making sure to remove the teeth and crush the skull for easier consumption, they should be able to eat all remaining parts of the corpse.




-A large group of hungry pigs

-A dismembered body.



  1. Locate a pig farm.

  2. Bribe the pig farmer to look the other way or leave the pigs hungry for several days.

  3. Late at night, drive to the pig farm.

  4. Drop the various parts of the victim in the pen.

  5. Leave the pigs to eat.