How To Hide a Body Pt. 4


Dismemberment is the act of cutting something into parts, in this case, the corpse of a victim. To fully dismember a body, removing all limbs is essential. This allows for an easier disposal of the pieces.


-A Bone Saw

-Butcher’s Cleaver




Dismemberment- Process

  1. Spread out a tarp underneath the surface that you plan on butchering the corpse upon. A way to quickly clean up the mess is very important when hiding a body.
  2. Arrange the body flat on the surface you intend on working, with the limbs neatly arranged alongside.
  3. Start by cutting off the hands at the wrists, and the feet at the ankle, using the butcher’s cleaver. The ankle and wrist bones are easier to break, hence using the cleaver.
  4. Cut the legs off in two parts, first at the knees using the bone saw, then at the hips.
  5. Cut the pelvis off at the waist using the bone saw.
  6. Cut the arms off at the shoulder, using the cleaver to break the joint.
  7. Cut the arms at the elbows, into two parts. Use the cleaver to break the joint.
  8. Cut off the head at the neck. The bonesaw will be perfect for cutting through the vertebrae.
  9. Remove the teeth from the skull, using the pliers, and set aside for later.
  10. Crush the skull with a sledgehammer to make disposal easier.
  11. Place all pieces off to the side to keep your workstation neat.
  12. Decide on a method of disposal that is easiest for you to complete. Freeze the body parts until you decide how you wish to dispose of them.