How To Hide a Body Pt. 3

Cleaning up DNA 

An important thing to consider when deciding how to dispose of a body is how to remove traces of DNA. Before you embark on dismembering or destroying the victim, make sure to have the proper supplies to clean up after your handiwork. A simple way to destroy traces of DNA is to use common household hydrogen peroxide. The peroxide breaks down the hemoglobin in blood, making it hard for agents such as Luminol to detect. If you do not have hydrogen peroxide in large quantities, Clorox bleach will do. However, it is important to know that mixing bleach and hydrogen peroxide is incredibly dangerous and the resulting fumes will kill you.

    If you happen to get your victim’s blood on your clothes, it is strongly advised to burn the stained clothing, and then mix it into a compost pile. If you do decide to burn the garments worn while committing murder, make sure to completely reduce them to ash. It would be very bad for there to be scraps left behind, as that leaves a possibility for incriminating evidence.

    If the item of clothing is one you consider irreplaceable, break up the blood stains with hydrogen peroxide, wash, then repeat the process with bleach. This should completely clear the clothing of the blood. This is also good to do after the dismemberment process, as things can get a little messy.