Overwatch Post Blizzcon Day 1

So before anything else about Overwatch, I did a "quick" video rundown about all the stuff that came out at Blizzcon yesterday. Before you decide to watch the video or not, let me offer a few corrections.

1. The $39.99 pack with just the base game and no skins is only available to PC, so yes a Blizzard game is still objectively less expensive on PC.

2. At some point I mentioned Zenyatta and Torbjorn building turrets, I meant Symmetra and Torbjorn.

3. Mei's Ice Wall ability does have a timer, it seems to be about 6 seconds, but no definitive numbers on that yet.

4. D.VA's mech can be destroyed in combat, not just from her ultimate, again no numbers but I would bet all the armor in her health pool ties to the mech's health verus her own. Also apparently D.VA's mech summon can actually kill folks.

5. Cross-platform play has now been mentioned, it is not going to happen, even between consoles.

6. I failed to mention Hanzo is actually a better swordsman than Ganji, but swore off the sword after he thought he killed his brother.

Blizzcon Day one has been survived and we have learned some astounding stuff about Overwatch. We have a release by date, June 21st 2016; a price point $39.99 or $59.99 for the base game and some extra stuff we will go over in the video, oh and last but not least we now have the full roster of heroes that will be available at launch. The new three are not in beta yet but hopefully soon, during the Q&A they said "depends how long the dev team is at the bar in the hilton, probably sometime next week."

Oh hey and we may have gotten a confirmation on Reaper's true Identity.

Ok enough with the corrections and videos, before anything else, YES THE GAME WILL COST MONEY. Anyone who has been on the Overwatch subreddit will have seen that the community blew up about the game having a price tag, amusingly just a few weeks ago their were people actively debating about how it should be a traditional paid game.

Now look, the important things to remember are that:

1. Team Fortress 2 was also a traditional game that people paid real money for, and when it released there were no hats and no alternate weapons.

2. League of Legends launched this way as well

3. The Overwatch team is not going anywhere, yes they have stated in many ways that there will be 21 heroes at launch, and its the ones we see now and that they do not currently have plans to add more. The games sort of release date is in seven and a half months, most of that time will be spent balancing the meta game and increasing the beta and running stress tests, not all of it though. They have said they are looking at feedback from the community and will move forward with it.

4. There are also no more immediate plans for skins.

Basically it looks like Blizzard is coinciding pursuing either the Starcraft model or a Street Fighter model for the game. In the Starcraft model buying in gets you he base game and everything involved, plus some extra cosmetic bonuses if you spend more or preorder, then content beyond the basic will be in the form of expansions, so buying a bundle of heroes and maps. In the Street Fighter model, and to a lesser extent the Smash Brother's which some employees pointed to as a similar character driven game, you buy the base game and get all the base heroes and maps. From their heroes are released and can be purchased individually and the same goes for skins, though maps are less of a driving factor for Street Fighter.

Either way, we have three different games with dedicated E-sports communities that have made a similar pay up front model work, and now we just wait, and remember that Paywall is a stupid term and comes from the mentality that brought us an App Store than needs to explain onetime payments to kids now.

Sorry for the salt y'all, the game is still great, they hype is real, the community has just developed a bad habit of wearing their asses as hats and complaining about the smell.