Youtube Bugs

Well crap. So I have two videos to put up this morning but unfortunately I'm afflicted with the current Youtube bug. Namely despite being signed into google as soon as I go to youtube it claims I'm no longer connected. There was a work around yesterday where I could go to any video and then it would ask if I wanted to watch as my youtube account allowing me to comment, but apparently in their efforts to fix the major bug the work around has stopped working for some people, including me. As of right now it appears as if I will not be able to get any of these videos up today and I'm a bit worried about the coming week seeing as I will be out of town over the weekend and returning to an almost normal work schedule soon. If I can't get any videos up before next week, I am sorry but I'm doing everything I can do.

Of course I should say, While I personally am annoyed by this, as I am a living ball of caffeine and hatred, I know this is not anyone's fault and I know the folks at Google and Youtube are working to fix it. 

With that said, I'm going to get sucked back into Pocket Planes and the fresh horror I discovered last night, Pocket Trains!