Wildstar Leveling #39 and Skyrim #19

Yes, so we are back. Sorry we had some weird stuff happening, mostly some one had the gall to give me a present which i refused to stop using. I go over the full details in the Wildstar video so please enjoy. Also I'm sorry this took a while to put up today, Youtube locked me out of my account for a while for no apparent reason.

Ha Alive, yes I'm alive and I even explain most of why there was a week and change with no videos. I also show of some addons that I've been using just for myself and have decided they should cause too much trouble for this leveling character, though some tweaks still need to be made. Namely I'm showing off Perspective, Bijiplates, Newton, and BroBot. of course while doing this we also have an objective, namely taking out all the leaders of the Falkrin, the warleader and the biggest murgh. And we even managed to complete a bunch of scientist missions while we were at it.

Well, after quite a bit of faffing about for the pass episode, and some intervening time, we actually started completing quests, gave the Gildergleam sap to the priestess of Kieraneth. We also talked to the Alikir member who had been caught by the city guards, and discovered their base. We took over their whole base with no trouble, any trouble you saw was a lie. And then we picked a side in this goofy debate.

Also the quest mod i forgot i had installed that we took part in a couple episodes back can be found right here.