Wildstar Leveling #38 & State of Decay #10

Well sonofa damn it. There we have it a mysterious lost episode for all time. The real and true episode #38 involved some Dominion slaying, some blade thieving, and the brutal murder of some very large, very annoying Osun for the zone's prerequisite 5 person quest, you can do it with three people no problem and even 2 if you're brave/stupid/stubborn. Well for this episode 38 we piss off a god and get prepped to fight some Bird People!

Well last time we managed to add some folks to our homestead but we have yet to actually reclaim Ed from what ever is afflicting him. And of course to save him we need a doctor, who for some reason is way up at the home of the hill billies we learned about a few episodes back. Well turns back one of their brood, the only one we know who doesn't seem to be a massive chungus, is sick.