Wildstar Leveling #40 & State of Decay #11

Ok well the damn youtube bug has been worked out, I've mostly worked out my trouble with annotations, don't ask mostly I'm just stupid, and it seems things are working correctly now so here we go hopefully back into a normal video schedule.

And I edited. Yes, a didn't have any long form anecdotes or tales to tell, mostly, so I used my magic powers of editing to make life better for all. Today we're taking out the Falkrin completely. Last time we took out their military leader and the biggest murgh, basically the closest they had to a leader, but now we take out the head huncho, a bride of Osiric. See the Falkrin females are the spiritual and polictical leaders, on top of being powerful magic users, so they tend to hold the most power. Bride of Osiric being a spiritual title, we are unclear as to whether they actually are consorts of the mutated being inhabiting the focus of air that the Falkrin have taken as their god, or if it a purely religious title; in the same way that Nuns are the wives of God in the Christian Faith.

Yes, Ed is alive and not dead or zombified or anything, like seriously, I'm not being sarcastic, bastard just had a bad cold with a fever or something. We are literally playing as him for most of this episode. Sadly, he's useless! Yeah we haven't been playing as him and he hasn't been joining with us so all his skills are crap except for his ever important knowledge of American Idol.