Wildstar Leveling #32 Galeras level 19-20 & Skyrim #14 Up the Mountain We Go

Haha yes we hit level 20, which in WoW would mean we get our first mount, but we already did that and we can't ride a hover board until level 25, so why does 20 matter? Well, now we can run dungeons, namely Storm Talon's Lair and Kel Voreth. Of course we don't do either of those here, instead we almost completely wrap up with the crazy Eldan stuff in Galeras.

This damn mountain, I freaking hate this mountain. Killed by mercenaries, almost killed by a wolf, an ice wraith, a spider, and a freaking troll. I really hate climbing this mountain. But hey if we don't go up the mountain we can't get the Next word of power in Fus Ro Dah, which I don't even use that much, so I guess the big focus is the other word of power we will also get, next episode that is.